Trenna Cannon- Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon’s Wife

Trenna Cannon- Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon’s Wife

It’s been a busy few months for Trenna Cannon. Campaigning for her husband’s bid for Mayor of Charlotte, NC has been grueling. But so worth while.  Last night, Patrick Cannon was declared mayor-elect, with a margin of over 6,000 votes.

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Trenna Lavon Harrington was born on December 30, 1968 to Donald Lee Harrington and Jackie Watts, in Guilford County, NC.

After graduating from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, she met Patrick Cannon. When they married, in 1996, she was 27 years old. She has been working successfully as a real estate agent/broker at Allen Tate Companies in North Carolina, where she is highly regarded.

At home, she keeps up with her two children, Brittany, aged 13 and Patrick, aged 10. They are a close family and are celebrating Patrick’s victory in Charlotte.

Cannon, 47, has served on and off in public office since 1993, when he won the Charlotte City Council District 3 election. He was the youngest member elected to a council seat at the age of 26. Since then, he has never lost an election!

As first family of Charlotte, the lives of this young family will be exciting. We wish them and the city of Charlotte happy days ahead.

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