Susan Waren MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough’s Wife

Susan Waren MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough’s Wife


Meet Susan Warren, you might know her better as the wife of MSNBC star Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe”

Susan is a former aide to Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a former congressional committee staffer. She and Joe tied the knot in 2001. She was born and raised in the Deep South.

On her blog southxnortheast she describes herself as

a wanna-be chef with wanderlust and a full-time mom to many…

Her SXNE captures the ties that bind the South and Northeast, taking readers on a cultural journey from Birmingham to Boston, from Natchez to Nantucket.



Her husband was previously married to Melanie Hinton with whom he had two sons, Joey and Andrew now both adults; their relationship ended in divorce after 12 years of marriage.

Susan and former politician turned cable news and talk radio guy Joe have also ended their marriage in divorce; the couple had two children. She gave birth to daughter Katherine on Aug.8, 2003 and son Jack born in May 2008 prematurely.

Susan and Scarborough divorced earlier this year, the couple kept it very quietly but finalized their divorce in January after more than 11 years of marriage.


In fact TMZ reports the couple have been apart for quite some time, it was her hubby who filed divorce documents in Connecticut in September 2012, just shy of the couple’s 11th wedding anniversary in October.

Now we al get this things happen but you have to hear about the whacky clauses in the divorce papers

Susan “acknowledges” Joe was faithful, devoted, and committed.” A sentence perhaps intended to quiet allegations Joe was cheating.
Also, when Joe and Susan are both in the Conn. home there are some house rules: Neither can enter the others bedroom, barring a kid related emergency … and after 7 PM they’re each banned from the others side of the house.


Is the now, single mother of two trying to cover up her hubby?

During their marriage they kept their image very cut clean, always by each others’ side at White House  Correspondents dinners, Susan with her lovely smile next to him so what could have been going on?

Susan worked at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee from Oct. 1, 2000 – May 31, 2001. After her marriage she has appeared on her husband’s show talking about her charity work.

Susan only got $150k from her divorce out of the enormous salary of her hubby. They share joint legal custody .and apparently are still living together with the kids in their Conn. home.

Find her on South X Northeast twitter account here and on Facebook here.

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