Pam Deeds- Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds’ Ex Wife

Pam Deeds- Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds’ Ex Wife

Pamela Kaye Miller Deeds was married to Creigh Deeds for more than twenty years. Right now she must be heart broken about the incidents which occurred at her ex husband’s house this morning. Apparently her son, Austin (Gus), 24, stabbed his father and then took his own life by shooting himself.

She and Creigh had been college sweethearts and married on February 10, 1981. But after the 2009 campaign for governor of Virginia, they quietly separated. It seems that campaigning had taken Creigh away from home for to long. Their divorce was finalized on February 4, 2010. All of the pictures below show Pam and Creigh during happier times when they were still together. They had four children, Amanda, Rebecca, Austin and Susannah.

In 2012 on June 19, he remarried, taking Siobhan Gilbride Lomax as his second wife.

It’s been confirmed by the police, that Creigh was hospitalized with serious injuries. He had stab wounds to the head and neck. He was able to escape his house, in Bath County, just west of Charlottesville, and was found on the road by a neighbor. His son was found in the house with a mortal shot wound. Creigh is said to be in critical condition.

Our prayers go out for Creigh’s recovery and for his family.

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