Lorrie Higgins- Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s Girlfriend

Lorrie Higgins- Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s Girlfriend

Boston got their first Mayor in 20 years and number 54 in Boston’s history, his name is Martin Walsh aka Marty Walsh and with him comes Boston’s first lady, Lorrie Higgins.

46-year-old Marty Walsh born and raised in beautiful Boston, graduated from The Newtown School and holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston College. In the fall of 2010, Marty was elected Chairman of the Committee on Ethics, and he also serves as a Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party Labor Caucus. He will succeed Boston’s 53rd Mayor and longest serving mayor Thomas Menino in 2014.

With many political leaders comes their beautiful lady, we are well aware Marty Walsh is not married, but he is not single either, and he hasn’t been single for a long time, with that said let us introduce to Boston’s new first lady Lorrie Higgins.

Martin Walsh

40-year-old Lorrie A. Higgins was born on February 03, 1973 in Boston to Mr. Richard Higgins and Margaret Higgins, Lorrie has three siblings; brother Michael, Richard  and sister Michelle Higgins now Michelle Breslin.

We found a profile on Linkedin , it may be  Lorrie’s but is 100% accurate. in that profile she is an Administrative Aide at Commonwealth of Mass for the past 13 years.

Ms. Lorrie Higgins has been dating her Mayor beau for eight years, they lived in the same Dorchester neighborhood and reconnected years later about the same time Marty won his battle with alcoholism and both were working at the State House and Martyn a State rep had the nerve to ask Lorrie out on a date, she said the first, second and third time he asked her, but she did said “yes” when he asked to go to lunch with him instead of on a “date”. Today Lorrie and Marty  are the proud parents of their adorable daughter Lauren.


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