Kathryn Rogers- Rush Limbaugh’s Wife

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How did Kathryn Rogers and Rush Limbaugh meet? They met at a celebrity golf tournament in 2004, where Kathryn was working as an event organizer for pro golfer Gary Player. Rush was going through a divorce from his third wife, Marta Fitzgerald. Kathryn Elizabeth Rogers, born on December 19, 1976 in Massachusetts, was 33 years old when she and Rush Limbaugh were married on June 5, 2010 in Florida. While some media reported Rush and Kathryn were married in a Hawaiian-themed wedding at Rush’s Florida beachfront mansion, the PalmBeachPost.com reported they were wed at the Breakers Hotel. According to the Limbaugh/Rogers marriage record, officiating at their wedding ceremony was Dr. Kenneth L. Hutcherson, Founder and Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington. Elton John played piano at the reception, which was controversial as Limbaugh is homophobic politically. Afterwards, the couple left for their honeymoon in Rush’s private jet, for Mexico, Africa and other places.

Before marrying, she worked as a liaison for VIP sporting events, including for the National Football league. In addition to being a V.I.P. liaison and event planner, she was also a professional party planner for the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee. She worked two of the Super Bowls played in Florida.


Rogers is a direct descendant of John Adams, and her father attended the Naval Academy at the same time as John McCain.  Her sister allegedly went to school with president Obama in Hawaii.

Kathryn seems to have been attracted to older men, in her words, “I grew up so differently, traveling around the world, that I’m sometimes not able to relate to the average person my age”. Rogers said. “Rush has such amazing experience.” She is 26 years younger than Rush.

There have been rumors of a divorce, but as far as we can see, these have not been substantiated.

Author: Melissa Nottingham

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  1. “He is spying on me”. This is what She said to her confidant about him. His former wife was meeting another men in NY City what mainly contributed to the end of their marriage. I am a victim of her deeds. Now he is more alert and tyranic. I live in the most expensive and secured jail in the world”. ” Iam closely monitored even when I am in the bathroom”. ” I am not allowed to use cell phone or any social media communication” ” My computer activities history is regularly checked by him. I never know where is he going when he is not at home. I don’t know who is with him in the jet. I suspect he has young girls when he is flying since he believes that this is the only place and time for his privacy. He is addicted to young girls. I was warned about his appetite for a girl from his former marriage. When I am home alone all visual and sound surveillance is following me which he is monitoring from his computer wherever he is. He is very unpredictable,emotionally unstable and hates colored people. He calls his listeners morons and monkeys. Often when he talks about his listeners he says ; these retards. Sometimes ago I was told about his alleged homosexual relationship with Dick Cheney. When I asked him about it I thought he will kill me and for a week he forced me to live in another part of his bunker. I was completely isolated from everything and everybody. Somehow he is convinced about Obama not finishing his second term. When asked why ? he didn’t! want to share it a with me. His answer was ” you will know it later ”
    Thiese are fragments of her secret interview. She is worrying about her future……….

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  2. Rush isn’t homophobic. Maybe the author of this should listen to him before writing about him.

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